What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Curt was unbelievably helpful when I had experienced a fire at my home. The crew was able to clean and deodorize my house and contents. They were even able to restore my favorite painting! Thank you! 

Not only do they have the skills and tools to get the job done, they have truly great customer service. They are very easy to work with and usually shock me with how quickly they arrive to a job site.

I recently had a fire in my kitchen that left a smelly, smoke odor in my home. SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy was at my home the same day I called and started the cleaning up my kitchen. I couldn't be more grateful for such kind and helpful company.

Thank you for taking the time to go over my estimate with me. Dennis Mesford explained it line by line and was very helpful. I had never experienced fire damage to my home before and the team really helped comfort me through the whole process.

Can't thank these guys enough. I've dealt with contractors in the past that just don't care like the people at SERVPRO.

They had great work ethic and are a fantastic group of people to work with.

I called to find out about my invoice and not only was it already mailed to me, it was lower than I thought. The crew that came out and was honest and did not end up having to do something on their quote and they didn’t charge me. They very well could have and I do think it’s more common practice than not.

I finally found an honest contractor. Thank you SERVPRO of Oregon City!

A huge thank you to SERVPRO and their employees for restoring so much of our precious belongings. 

The fire was very devastating to our family and we can't express it enough what a great job you all did at making sure we taken care of.

Great work, SERVPRO. Your team impressed me with their thoroughness and attention to customer service. You did such great work for my mother and

we are highly satisfied with your service!

After our chimney fire I was overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do next. I am SO thankful our friends recommended SERVPRO of Oregon City. My husband and I could tell right away they knew what they were doing. It was extremely reassuring knowing we could just hand them our keys and let them take care of the rest. They took care of the fire damage to our chimney and living room, the water damage from the fire department putting out the fire, cleaned everything, AND made all the repairs. I can't believe how much they we're able to save and was shocked at the fact nothing smelled like smoke anymore! It was such a relief to come back to our house looking better than before! Not only did they do an excellent job with repairs, they had great communication and kept us up to date through out the process. I am extremely pleased with both the guys who did the work and the ladies in the office.

I HIGHLY recommend this company!

We are so glad we called SERVPRO!

It meant a lot to us how quickly you got to our house to start in on your work. My wife and I could tell your crew really cared about the process and knew what they were doing. We couldn't believe some of the things you were able to restore after the fire. We can't thank you enough.