What our Customers say...


Thank you SERVPRO for coming out so quickly! Your staff was great and we accomplished the job faster than I thought we would.

We had to do water abatement due to a flood event at my work. We called several companies but it was only SERVPRO that was ready to take on the work and got out here promptly. The processes went smoothly and kept us well informed along the way. I would definitely use their services again and recommend them as well.

Great communication and the crew did an outstanding job on our hallways. The building looked new again. We have subsequently had them back to do some upholstery. Very happy with work, price, and availability.

Working with the sales team and the office has been a pleasant experience!

SERVPRO was our first call when our home flood earlier this year. From start to finish this company was excellent! Everyone we worked with, from the office to the field, provided best in class service. We are very grateful for this team and highly recommend them.

Best people to work with. Very caring.

My company, Redline Painting has worked with SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy many times and I have recommended them time and time again. Not only do they have the skills and tools to get the job but they also have truly great customer service. They are very easy to work with and usually shock me with how quickly they arrive to a job site.

Thank you SERVPRO for completing work on my home. I appreciated that there wasn't any "surprise costs" added on. The estimate they sent me was the price of my job. 

Mike and Fidel were awesome! 

Sean and his crew did such an amazing job to dry out my home! Thank you! 

The cold conditions over the past few days caused a pipe to burst under my home, in the crawlspace. The crew that came out was helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable. I had never experienced this before and they walked me through the whole process. Thank you! 

My carpets were in desperate need of a cleaning. I called SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy to come out and they did such a fantastic job! Thank you for making my home feel 10x cleaner! 

Working with SERVPRO was a great experience. They were professional, prompt, and polite. They were also able to complete my job from the initial loss to the repairs on my home. 

Thank you SERVPRO being on time, professional, and keeping me updated throughout my repair process! 

Curt was unbelievably helpful when I had experienced a fire at my home. The crew was able to clean and deodorize my house and contents. They were even able to restore my favorite painting! Thank you! 

These guys were so fast to respond and took wonderful care of me through our nasty flood in our office. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I had a water leak from the apartment above me and SERVPRO came to the rescue. Very professional and quick company. Thank you so very much!

Extremely professional, and they treat you like family. We trust them for all out Biscuits Cafe needs.

We called several companies but it was only SERVPRO Gresham that was ready to take on the work and got out here promptly. Our point of contact was Jesse who guided the process along smoothly and kept us well informed along the way. I would definitely use their services again and recommend them as well.

The recent wind storms lately have caused some serious damage around my home. I called SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy and they were able to come out the same day and give me an estimate for clean up. Thank you for the prompt response! 

I live close to the river and had some serious problems with mold. I called SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy who was able to come and clean everything up in a timely manner. They did a great job and the crew that came out was extremely nice and helpful. 

Amazing experience with our office flooding.  They showed up so quickly, even on a Sunday, and helped us through the insurance more as well.  Thank you!!

Not only do they have the skills and tools to get the job done, they have truly great customer service. They are very easy to work with and usually shock me with how quickly they arrive to a job site.

I was always in the loop on the step that were being taken, and I really appreciate all the questions they asked so the knew exactly what I wanted done. Thank you Jesse and team!

We live close the river and had a problem with mold in our daylight basement. We called SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy to clean the mold up for us. They did a great job and were a pleasure to work with. 

I recently had a fire in my kitchen that left a smelly, smoke odor in my home. SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy was at my home the same day I called and started the cleaning up my kitchen. I couldn't be more grateful for such kind and helpful company.

My company had the fire sprinklers come on unexpectedly and soak my whole store. Not only did SERVPRO respond quickly, they were happy to help on their weekend! Thank you for helping through this disaster! 

I had a tree fall on my home and SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy was able to help me through the whole process. They got the damaged cleaned up, and put everything back together! They were always on time and professional. 

Thank you for taking the time to go over my estimate with me. Dennis Mesford explained it line by line and was very helpful. I had never experienced fire damage to my home before and the team really helped comfort me through the whole process.

A realtor recommended SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy to us for some mold behind our shower wall. The crew that came out was polite and professional. 

It was a pleasure working with SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy when my business had a water loss. They had great communication on the job and were awesome at keeping the staff aware of what was going on. Thank you! 

Dennis and Ellen,

Thank you for sending your wonderful crew out to us so quickly!

They did a great job and they were all so polite.

It is a pleasure doing business with you! Hopefully, we will not need your services for a long time, but if we do I now know what to expect. Thanks again!

-Bob and Teresa

We we're horrified to find mold in one of our rental homes. My husband normally works on our properties himself but felt this was a bit out his league. We decided to call SERVPRO and boy are we glad we did! During their inspection they not only found mold, but found moisture in the adjacent walls as well. We would've NEVER known! They made it so easy for us by saving everything they could save, but completing the construction end of things as well. We are already able to move renters in and are so thankful

SERVPRO made us a priority and got the job done right!

Thank you to SERVPRO and your crew of workers!

I am very impressed with your work.

My wife was absolutely horrified when she found mold under our kitchen sink. I am so glad I chose to call SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy because they knew just how to ease her worries. They gave us plenty of information and talked us through the process, which my wife especially appreciated.

We couldn't have asked for better service.

Can't thank these guys enough. I've dealt with contractors in the past that just don't care like the people at SERVPRO.

They had great work ethic and are a fantastic group of people to work with.

When Sean and his partner came out to help me I was in total distress.

I appreciate his kindness during this whole process.

My elderly mother was very upset and he was so professional. Please be sure to let his manager know how grateful I am.

Shane was on time and amazing.

I was lost and he explained everything to me using words that I could relate to since I am not in the restoration business. He was great!

I called to find out about my invoice and not only was it already mailed to me, it was lower than I thought. The crew that came out and was honest and did not end up having to do something on their quote and they didn’t charge me. They very well could have and I do think it’s more common practice than not.

I finally found an honest contractor. Thank you SERVPRO of Oregon City!

Thank you Dennis for your quick response this weekend!

Our facility is already up and running. Thanks to your crew as well.

Very informative and attentive to my needs. Very willing to answer all the questions I had.

Rick clearly knew what he was talking about which made me feel comfortable knowing my home was in good hands.

A huge thank you to SERVPRO and their employees for restoring so much of our precious belongings. 

The fire was very devastating to our family and we can't express it enough what a great job you all did at making sure we taken care of.

We were aware that our roof would need to have work done soon, but after all the snow we had this year, the problem areas were exposed. Multiple rooms in our home had damage from the roof leaks. 

SERVPRO of OC was so helpful when I called. 

They immediately scheduled someone to come out and within a few hours had someone to inspect the roof and damaged areas. Their workers were extremely professional. I asked them to be extra careful of my fine china located in one of the affected rooms and they went above and beyond to make sure nothing would be broken. I really appreciate the great communication and great service I was provided. 

If I ever have mold problem again, I will call SERVPRO! 

Thank you for helping me and my family.

Great work, SERVPRO. Your team impressed me with their thoroughness and attention to customer service. You did such great work for my mother and

we are highly satisfied with your service!

We had some squatters in one of our rental homes that left a terrible mess. SERVPRO came in and handled the situation very quickly. I hope I don't have to deal with anything like this again, but if I do, I'm calling SERVPRO.

Thanks for getting rid of the mold! We appreciate it!

We have referred multiple customers to SERVPRO of Oregon City/Sandy

and they have been taken care of every time. As a business owner it is good to have reliable connections like SERVPRO.

I've seen your green trucks around for years so calling you was an easy choice,

and I'm so glad I did! My husband normally takes care of this kind of this but he passed away last May. I was not looking forward to dealing with the damage but your manager and his crew assured me. Thank you, thank you, thank you SERVPRO!

Thank you SERVPRO! You did a great job and we will be referring our friends and family.

After our chimney fire I was overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do next. I am SO thankful our friends recommended SERVPRO of Oregon City. My husband and I could tell right away they knew what they were doing. It was extremely reassuring knowing we could just hand them our keys and let them take care of the rest. They took care of the fire damage to our chimney and living room, the water damage from the fire department putting out the fire, cleaned everything, AND made all the repairs. I can't believe how much they we're able to save and was shocked at the fact nothing smelled like smoke anymore! It was such a relief to come back to our house looking better than before! Not only did they do an excellent job with repairs, they had great communication and kept us up to date through out the process. I am extremely pleased with both the guys who did the work and the ladies in the office.

I HIGHLY recommend this company!

Your crew was very easy to work with

and ya'll were very friendly to me and my family. It was easy to see you folks are experienced in restoration. Thanks again for your hard work!

We are so glad we called SERVPRO!

It meant a lot to us how quickly you got to our house to start in on your work. My wife and I could tell your crew really cared about the process and knew what they were doing. We couldn't believe some of the things you were able to restore after the fire. We can't thank you enough.

Thank you Jennifer.  We appreciate your great service.



My company, Redline Painting has worked with SERVPRO of Gresham many times

and I have recommended them time and time again. Not only do they have the skills and tools to get the job done, they have truly great customer service. They are very easy to work with and usually shock me with how quickly they arrive to a job site.


I received a phone call today from your insured, Mr. Haleem, who spent 30 minutes relaying how happy he was with the service and product provided by Dennis, Rick and the SERVPRO of Gresham team, as well as State Farm Fire Claims.

Mr. Haleem stated how professional SERVPRO of Gresham was in their restoration approach, as evidenced by taking extra time to research restoration options.

I had a flood situation caused by a failed washing machine. SERVPRO came as part of my homeowner's insurance and did the mitigation (drying out and removing the damaged materials) and asbestos abatement (removing the damaged flooring).

The company was very prompt and efficient throughout the process. They were easy to work with, took care of what needed to be done and explained my options very well during an upsetting time.

I'm writing to congratulate you on your team of professionals! Headed by Shane Witter, they cleaned up my home after a terrible plumbing leak in my crawlspace. They always took care to be careful with my carpets, furniture and they kept me informed all the way. Should I need you in the future, I'll call SERVPRO of Gresham. Thanks so very much!

Ray did a great job and I thank him for all his hard work.

The tech I dealt with last week was awesome. Thanks to our long hot summer of 100 degree temps here in Portland, I had water damage from my HVAC, and a coworker referred me to SERVPRO. They even brought some mold damage to my attention I never would have known was there. Anyway, I found them easy to work with.

Dear Carrie, Just wanted to say thank you for being so prompt & professional - it was greatly appreciated! Thanks to Dennis too.

My good friends at SERVPRO helped my client with her water damage mitigation after a toilet break. Way to go gang!

Wonderful service with Curt Appleberry!

Rick was extremely patient and professional with all of my questions. He explained everything very clearly. I appreciate the professionalism in the midst of chaos.

I was out of town while SERVPRO was working on my house. Being that I was not in town, I was confident that the man I met the first day was competent enough and trustworthy enough to take care of the issue I was dealing with. I arrived at 2300 that night and was happy with the job he had done.

SERVPRO did such a great job with our last disaster clean up. A basement waste pipe got backed up and made a serious mess. They came out on short notice, on time, efficient, and clean! The staff was friendly and I highly recommend their services to anyone.

SERVPRO is a local family owned company that supports it's neighborhood schools and teachers. They took the time to pick up and deliver cubicles, desks, and file cabinets that were donated to our teachers. Any support our schools can get these days is great. We are very appreciative that SERVPRO helped us out. Great crew! Thank you SERVPRO!

I've been working with SERVPRO for over 5 years now and I've never looked up. We look to SERVPRO to be our one call during a disaster and we can trust that they will handle the work with the utmost professionalism and quality of work. We've called on their services more times then I'd like to admit, and every time we do our expectations are once again exceeded. Bottom line, I'd highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone.

When I walked into a foot of water across my office floor the first person I called was Tina from SERVPRO. She arrived at my office promptly and explained to me the process of drying out my business and cleaning it up. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone in need of fire or water restoration.

SERVPRO is great to work with. I have used them on several of my projects and they did a great job and required minimal guidance or supervision. There were several projects that had unfavorable conditions and they went in and addressed the problem like professionals. I would not hesitate to use them on my projects.

Your crew responded and I'm thankful. Thanks to your crew I could check other places out.

Ray was great. Very professional and always had the time to explain.

Rick was an excellent Project Manager- prompt, courteous and informative. He solved small problems expeditiously.

Thank you for all your hard work repairing our home after the flooded toilet. We appreciate you seeing the job thru to completion and every detail done correct.